E – CFR Topics

Topics (CFR Indexing Terms) provide a common vocabulary for indexing the rule making documents of all agencies and are the basis of the “CFR Index” prepared by the OFR. Federal agencies add CFR Indexing Terms to the documents they publish in the Federal Register. You can use these terms to learn more about your areas of interest and the regulations that affect them.

East West Foreign Trade Board
Economic Analysis Bureau
Economic Analysis Staff
Economic Development Administration
Economic Opportunity National Advisory Council
Economic Regulatory Administration
Economic Research Service
Economic Statistics
Economics And Statistics Administration
Economics Management Staff
Education Department
Education Disadvantaged
Education Individuals With Disabilities
Educational Facilities
Educational Research
Educational Study Programs
Eggs Egg Products
Election Assistance Commission
Electric Power
Electric Power Plants
Electric Power Rates
Electric Utilities
Electronic Commerce Advisory Commission
Electronic Funds Transfers
Electronic Products
Elementary Secondary Education
Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Oil And Gas Guaranteed Loan Board
Emergency Powers
Emergency Steel Guarantee Loan Board
Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Benefits Security Administration
Employees Compensation Appeals Board
Employment And Training Administration
Employment Standards Administration
Employment Taxes
Employment Training Administration
Endangered Species Committee
Endangered Threatened Species
Energy Conservation
Energy Department
Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy Office
Energy Information Administration
Energy Policy And New Uses Office
Energy Research Office
Energy Technology Office
Engineers Corps
Engraving And Printing Bureau
Environment Office Energy Department
Environmental Impact Statements
Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Quality Office
Equal Access Justice
Equal Educational Opportunity
Equal Employment Opportunity
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Estate Taxes
Excise Taxes
Executive Council On Integrity And Efficiency
Executive Office For Immigration Review
Executive Office Of The President
Executive Orders
Export Administration Bureau
Export Import Bank
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